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Flare Gas Recovery Unit, Texas

Flare Gas Recovery Unit

Scope Preliminary Engineering Detailed Engineering Procurement Major Equipment Fabrication

Naphtha Splitter Lift

Naphtha Fractionation / Splitter

Job Industrial Services (JIS) has been contracted to Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) a 17,500 BPD Naphtha Splitter for a client. Scope Preliminary Engineering Engineering Procurement Construction

Refinery Expansion

Scope Preliminary Engineering Detailed Engineering Procurement Construction Links to Notable Sub-Projects Black Wax Truck Unloading Rail Loading Expansion OSBL Piping and Piperack Waste Water Treatment Plant  

MAP – Molybdenum Autoclave Process

For the Molybdenum Autoclave Process (MAP) project at Rio Tinto, Kennecott Copper (RTKC), JIS responsibility included the detail engineering and design in the reagent area of the plant. JIS was responsible for all engineering disciplines except for process and automation engineering. The reagent area included the receiving, storage, handling and distribution of multiple reagents. These…
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