JIS subscribes to the following 3rd party contractor safety compliance programs:

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JIS Safety Practices

JIS desires to be a significant partner in the success of your operation. We understand that our ability to implement safe practices at your site is paramount. With this in mind, we take a proactive approach to safety: we train our team to limit at-risk behaviors that may lead to injuries and we instill positive behaviors that contribute to injury prevention. This effective practice of behavior-based safety makes sense. As opposed to a culture where all parties involved are forced to deal with the after-math of an accident, behavior-based safety rewards everyone for creating, implementing and teaching accident prevention processes. What is our reward? At the end of the day, we all go home to our families in a healthy condition.

Our safety program is comprehensive and complete. Safety awareness is part of our company culture. All new team members complete safety training when they are hired at JIS. If a JIS team member will be working in an area that exposes him or herself to a possible work hazard, the individual is trained with the particular extended safety program which will inform and educate that individual to the possible work hazards. JIS also conducts monthly company safety meetings. Items discussed range from current specific safety programs to general topics that can affect individuals in and outside the work place. JIS also has and uses a Job Safety Analysis program.

JIS safety practices have become part of our daily routine and, in turn, part of your success. In addition, JIS complies with appropriate safety and security laws and regulations such as those established by:

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) – Contractor #W156

The Department of Transportation (DOT)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)